Graphic design
and photography:
outward communication through inner expression.


I am Elizabeth La Rosa, a graphic designer and freelance photographer based in Ticino (Switzerland).

My field of interest and expertise includes visual identity, brand designing, advertising, portraiture, and depictions of still life. Through their combination, individuals and businesses are able to obtain the so called personal visual image or iconic image.

After graduating as a graphic designer, I worked for several years as an Assistant to Adriano Heitmann. Under his guidance, I learned the art of portraiture and I first approached the field of still life.

In 2013, in need of new inspirations and experiences, I moved to San Francisco. There I was able to finally dive deep into my passions and understand how I wanted to structure my life moving forward. As a result, I moved back to Switzerland and accepted a part-time position that granted me enough free time to work on my own freelance projects.

Currently I work as a graphic designer and photographer for the Information and Communication Services of the State Council, as videomaker for the Center for teaching and digital resources and as a freelancer.

In the near future? I envision a career that is mostly focused on filmmaking.