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Sensorial experience - Video Art

In 2013, feeling the need for new inspirations and experiences, I left home for San Francisco. There, I was finally able to fully devote myself to my passion and understand how to structure my life. Upon my return to Switzerland, my learnings from San Francisco translated into finding a part-time job that granted me enough free time to work on personal projects.

It is during my time in San Francisco that I captured the picture that gave birth to the need for a sensory cube. However, it is not until 2015, when I met the two people that mostly influenced my perception of art, that the cube started to take shape. Andrea, musician and sound designer with whom I started an artistic collaboration, and Morinne, physician assistant at the Blind’s House in Lugano that taught me how blind people experience art.

Taking inspirations from a musical event where a pianist created a real time musical portrait of a guest, I asked Andrea if it was possible for him to also translate a picture into sound. The result was so accurate that I started imagining someone who, through sensory stimulation, could relive the same feelings I felt when I took the picture years back. The sensory cube owes his existence to the desire of taking the guests into a space where, even for just few minutes, they can slow down their frenetic lives to listen to a story.

The structure can be used to display interactive art pieces in open spaces such as Parco Ciani, Piazza del Sole, Piazza Grande, or during events like Busker or Festival del Cinema.

The cube is open to everyone in a place of everyone, where the focus is the sensorial experience that’s the catalyst for every emotion.

I would like to thank Alessandra Ferrini and Diana Tenconi for enabling my idea to materialize and be adapted to the needs of the Museo di Leventina in Giornico who is the promoter of the project.

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INSIDE living traditionals

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INSIDE living traditionals
INSIDE living traditionals